For this high-legged dining table, the idea sounded simple: an affordable design that doesn’t have to compromise on details and finish.

The version in wood and metal, however, is not. The wire structure combines three thicknesses of tubular metal to create an airy, finely branched base in playful colours. The top, in turn, was made in wood for its high tactility and was chipped at the sides to underline the lightness of the design. A textbook example of how to select and use materials for their intrinsic qualities.

Alexandre Lowie is both creator and maker. His background as a furniture maker and restorer betrays a deep reverence for old crafts, as well as for materials and textures.

This produces designs that start from a knowledge of technique, combined with his love for all things authentic and handmade. The Atelier’s métier therefore spills over into other disciplines. The only constant is a deep-rooted respect for manual labour.